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They're both damaged characters. Ashara's character pre-kotfe only makes sense if you consider that she's so broken by what happens on Taris that reforming the empire is her core personality trait, and she's willing to do terrible things to achieve that, because if she doesn't then she doesn't have anything to hold on to. The writing is not particularly good for her storyline, however, so it can be hard to figure this out for the first few runs, she's usually depicted as being pretty irritating.

And Jaesa, oy. I think the LS version is basically the same as the DS version - in both cases she throws herself into this model perfect LSer/DSer because, like Ashara, if she doesn't she has no core traits to hold on to. I think this is a little more obviously written with Jaesa, especially if you're a DS SW with an LS Jaesa (Yes, you can be DS and still ask Jaesa to stay LS). Then you can have some positively manipulative conversations with her.
Still makes no sense on why LS Jaesa is cool with helping me initiate Plan Zero for Baras to restart the war (not to mention kill Republic troops) or why Ashara is totally okay with my Inquisitor testing the Silencer weapon and massacring an entire Republic fleet, both of which I pretty much have no choice on in terms of having my character back out of. Especially given Ashara and her whole outrage on the Jedi failing to take action while lives are lost, then she is content to just sit back and watch me test deadly weapons that kill tons of people and make the Empire more deadly. It makes absolutely no sense even with her "Grey" understanding of the Force.