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Because SWTOR's community seems to be swamped with DPS players who don't know how to play a DPS I thought I'd write this little "How to". Once you have read this you will be under no mistake about what your role is as a DPS.

1) Do good damage. This means read through your proficincies and utilities and set bonuses and tacticals and then figure out what combination of skills is going to cause the most damage. Just using your favourite damage skills whenever they're available does not mean you are doing good damage. That one awesome skill hitting a big number does not mean you have good DPS.

2) When there's multiple targets you target the small ones first and it doesn't matter if you're single target DPS or AoE - you do this, it is your job to do this.

Why? Several main reasons. I'll explain:

Lots of small enemies do more damage than one big enemy. If you don't kill them then the tank has to kill them and everyone knows that tank damage is not great. The tank should try to aggro these things so they're taking the damage but defeating them is your job. If the tank has to kill the trash around the big enemies (whether it's bosses or gold mobs) then you are not doing your job. The tank can lose aggro on the big important thing because you are not doing your job and are attacking it still instead of the small stuff. The healer can pull aggro when tanks mass taunt ends because you are not doing your job and then the healer dies, and then the tank dies, and then you die. It may be that the tank can keep aggro on everything but maybe the healer can't outheal the damage of everything for long enough and so the tank dies, and then the healer dies, and then you die.

If the small enemies outlive the big enemies this is a sign you are not doing your part in the trinity setup, your tank+healer are sighing behind their monitors. Once the small enemies are all dead you can go back to staring at your perfect rotation making the big numbers happen on the boss.

There are some situations where this is not important, your tank/healer will usually tell you when to ignore adds if this is the case.

3) Don't stand in AoE's (AoE stands for "Area of Effect"). These are usually big red circles (sometimes they are blue or purple or triangular) and you need to move out of them ASAP because they are hurting you or are about to hurt you. Looking at your skillbar and doing a good rotation is completely unimportant if you're dead. Healers can only heal so much, if you're not moving out of AoE's then your healer is having a heart attack healing you and will start to have trouble keeping up with healing the rest of the party. Get out of the big round colourful things! If you can't get out of it because it's stuck to you then take it away from everyone else until it's gone!

4) This is less common but if you steal aggro from the tank the best thing you should do at that point is hold off on your damage. Let the tank get aggro back and build a little threat before you start hammering away again. It is cool knowing you do so much damage you can steal aggro from a boss but it is not helpful for the healer's blood pressure.

In this game I have seen more wipes due to bad DPS players than I have to bad tanks or bad healers.

Please SWTOR community, teach DPS how to play their role. Bad tanks and bad healers are actually really uncommon in group finder. A huge proportion of DPS are awful, though.

Thanks for reading, see you in the fray.

I remember seeing that on what seemed like the week he did that. Good times....
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