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Other than that, what stuff from the expansions (like the macro-binocs used when Acina is the Companion) does everybody think should be added to the Class missions at any point before the next decade?
None. In general, changing existing one-shot missions that have been in the game and run by millions of characters should not happen. Repeatable stuff, maybe (ref: the endless debates about Heroic mission givers and mission-completion NPCs), but not one-shot missions.

Individual old missions that require binoculars provide them just for that mission (there are a few), and the Macrobinocular (== Shroud) missions (part of the original game, ffs) give a usable-anywhere set that interact with the seeker droid from the Dread Seed missions to provide "digging for treasure" opportunities on multiple planets.(1)

But that stuff has been in the game since before 2.0 released (possibly even at the original release).

(1) Both these mission series are available from astromech droids on the Fleet, and also on the Capital Worlds (just outside the spaceport entrance on Coruscant, and near the central taxi point in Kaas City on Dromund Kaas).
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