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I actually have a question in this regard... Alacrity seems like a very useless skill to me.. Im thinking that reduced casting times of course makes you capable to deal damage quicker, but wont this just lead to an increase in heat, and eventually you will deal roughly the same damage? Or have i misunderstood something? I.E. The time it takes you to cast something, is also the time you wont be creating heat.
You have just hit on one of alacrity's many limitations. In general it is a lackluster stat to stack. First you have to stack an unreasonable amount to see a significant effect, and even if you get it classes that are resource limited (BH and sorc are two good examples) don't benefit much. The best benefit is the sentinel/mara centering/rage related alacrity boost. That boost is much larger than what is achievable through gear to the point that it lowers the GCD noticably allowing faster resource generation as well as resource loss, therefore there is a huge DPS burst associated.

In general though the takehome is that there is almost always another stat you should be stacking instead of alacrity.