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You should have told us earlier that there is a 2million credit per character limit, then I would have shifted my Warzone Commendation around BEFORE they became bound one or two weeks ago.

You only said that they will be converted to credits and it looked like that wouldnt make a difference on which char.

Now I have to look for a profitable way to get rid of some crystals before that happens.

Atleast on my main character, I dont think I will hit the 2 millions with the other chars.

And I'm not doing much pvp either but still have a lot of commendations so most of the pvp folks will have a huge sum of them which they could have shifted around before.
That's exactly why they did it now. They didn't want all alts having 2mil per conversion. They want you to lose them if you don't spend them.
Makes perfect sense, sadly.
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