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Case in point, the huge news that Lucasfilm Games and Ubisoft are collaborating on a new story-driven, open-world Star Wars game. It’s a genre long-requested by fans, and will come to life via Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft’s critically-acclaimed studio based in Malmö, Sweden.
A genre long requested by fans, huh?

Well, the [very] Old Republic is covered.

Post Ruusan Reformation (is that even canon anymore?) to Prequels ... well, this is sort of covered by the new "high republic" push, but the first novel only just came out, so I wouldn't exactly call it "long-requested" and the High Republic time is not as wide a time frame as the entire post-Reformation era.

Jedi: FO/Solo/Star Wars Rebels/Rogue One/Andor/post-RotS-to-ANH era? Maybe. There isn't a ton of open conflict here so is this a time period appropriate for an MMORPG? Granted, open world doesn't automatically translate into an MMORPG, it could mean Destiny-like or Anthem-like, or even Sims-like. But if its about secret missions of the infant rebel alliance or scoundrels just getting into trouble, that just seems to be more of a single-player type environment than an [presumably persistent] open world. I don't see an open world game about the Jedi who survived Order 66 surviving but adventuring, or Force-sensitives recruited into the ranks of the Inquisitor squads, being particularly plausible but I could be wrong.

Galactic Civil War ... well, we already know where that was and is. I doubt they would push into that without starting a cease and desist operation.

So, if I were a betting man, my bet would be on the era covering post ROTJ. I think they're trying to capitalize on the interest generated by the shows (Mandalorian/Ahsoka/Rangers of tNR)
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