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why do they have to keep all bases covered?
So people have equal opportunity to pursue some kind of relationship in-game. Whether they cover those bases by using hero-sexuality or implementing more companions with defined sexualities they still need to keep people satisfied.

Personally I wouldn't have an issue with a purely hot lesbian companion I couldn't romance as a male toon, it actually adds realism to the RP....
Okay, and I agree, it'd add more realism to the game. But for every class to have equal chance to pursue a heterosexual and homosexual (and, potentially, bisexual) relationship there needs to be a companion available for each of those options.

Here's the problem with set sexuality. Even if you take bisexuality out you need a heterosexual male, heterosexual female, homosexual male and homosexual female for every class in the game, for both factions. That means four per class. 16 per faction. 32 for the whole game. And that's only romanceable companions. Then there's all the unromanceable ones.

To add to that every time they add romanceable companions to the game they'd either have to pick and choose who gets the gay, who gets the hetero, or they'd need to add another 32 companions to the game.

Set sexuality is more realistic, I agree, but from a development point of view it means far, far more work.

And not just more work, but more money. Voice actors, from what I understand, aren't paid by the hour but by the completed project. With hero-sexuality they can have the same voice actor say a few extra lines. With set sexuality they have to hire all new voice actors and pay them for the projects they do. Realism is great but I'd prefer the company to not go bankrupt trying to cater for it.

all because certain players would QQ if they regretted letting a companion get killed or leave because of faction alignment...
I do think we should be able to kill or evict companions, personally. I can think of a few I'd get rid of.

Anyways I doubt you guys will get "Hero Sexuality" given Bioware has not done it in any of their other games.... Sexuality is always based on what the writers create in order to give some depth to that character...
Hero-sexuality was one of the primary relationship features of Dragon Age 2, actually. Merrill, for example, doesn't express any kind of sexuality at all until you start flirting with her.
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