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Hero-sexualism removes that problem. That way we, the players, decide whom we do and don't see as gay, bi or straight, and it means they don't have to add twenty-odd romanceable companions just to keep all bases covered.
I disagree that they'd have to add that many. Only one or two per storyline with a few current rewrites would still cover all the bases.

I favor story over Hero-Sexualism, and for that reason I do hope the devs keep the personality of a character more important than what a player wants their sexuality to be. Doc, for example, keeps talking about all the women he wooed, scandals he's been a part of, and how he looks forward to all the women that fall for him since he's famous. Or saved their lives. That to me claims a very heterosexual personality. I want s/s relationships, but I still want Doc to stay Doc.

That being said, I'm not against Hero-Sexuality. I just think it's a poor decision. Falls in the "Yeah, that's good, but you could have done better" department. And BioWare has proven to me that they do set sexuality better than Hero-Sexuality. Mass Effect and Dragon Age 1 felt a lot more convincing romance-wise than Dragon Age 2, for example.

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Oh heavens knows I would like to see that but I just have to point out one lil area of the forums at what headaches it would cause. Go to the Sith warrior forums and look up Jaessa romance and why only the dark side of her is romancable. If one of the characters is really really fun and limited while another preference is a perceived stick in the mud the rage on that posting will make this look like a match in a rainstorm compared to the firestorm that would be.
I really don't think that forum rage should be a drive for any content. There's a lot of forum rage about why can't female shepard be with Tali, too - there will always be forum rage about any decision made, ever.

A little closer on-topic: I really think they should add a ceremony cutscene for when you do the whole marriage thing with any companion, o/s and s/s. - The Place to Play
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