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HK-51 was tested to?
Its DPS tooltips have higher dmg then in other companions... there is also the factor of 'finishing ability' (below 30% dmg) HK-51 also had like 20% higher amount then rest..
The tool tips are based off the equipped weapon, yet actual damage is not. This means he will show higher tool tips than any blaster riffle user but will still perform the same as them. The only way to verify is to parse and compare the actual numbers.

HK replaces his Armor Debuff, Dot and AOE with single target attacks. This leaves his single target DPS on par with a normal blaster riffle user. This means if you're in a group with another DPS companion or someone that can lower armor, HK will perform above average.

With the current 2 weapon... Feature.. Any companion that has 2 weapons will out perform HK in all circumstances at least slightly. They won't look as cool or call people meatbags though

This is my best understanding from my testing, if anyone has some better parse results for him I'd love to see. He's a lot of fun, I wish they didn't remove so much of his uniqueness when they "balanced" him.
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