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Not this again. Starting worlds are troublesome, because each class starts *at the same time* as the other class that starts on the same planet. Both Jedi classes start during the Flesh Raider invasion of the Gnarls. In the intro to the Smuggler story, Corso mentions a Republic military walker that has just been taken down by the seps, and the trooper is *in* that walker. Both the Agent and the Bounty Hunter start during the Nem'ro / Fath'rah war on Hutta. Both Sith classes, despite the lack of direct story-to-story references, start in the same background of a recent change to get more Force-sensitives into the Academy.

All four Republic classes arrive on Coruscant at the same time - the initial reference that indicates that is the Senator Kayl / MMG / Captain Winbourn mission. In the same way, all four Imperial classes arrive on DK at the same time, during the slave rebellion at the Colossus and during Sandor's investigation of the Revanites.

And so on.
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