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Why dont you ever do objectives in Warzone? Isnt the point to win?
Why I'm so glad you asked! There are actually many reasons why!

1. Rewards for both winning and losing are so disproportionately small compared to other pve modes, that there is no point in trying to farm rewards in pvp. Flashpoints, uprisings, operations, heroics, and even chapters all give better rewards than unranked pvp which is far more difficult than most of these options.

2. Oftentimes players get stuck guarding a node. Standing around waiting for something to happen is not pvp interaction.

3. The class balance for winning 8v8's is broken beyond repair. There's no point in trying to win a game rigged from the start. If we really wanted to play objs, we'd run a full squad of operatives and win every game.

4. Playing objectives means hinging your enjoyment on the outcome of the match. When you decide not to care about objectives, your enjoyment of the match comes actually having fun with pvp. I've been in games where our team was completely steamrolled since the enemy was moving in a horde, but I was satisfied at the end of it because I did a ton of cleave damage. I know many pvper's whose enjoyment of swtor increased when they stopped playing objectives.

5. Playing objectives means relying on a team of completely random people to not only to play objectives, but also to have the awareness of mind to make call outs, stop caps, throw the huttball, etc. Even if all that goes correctly, you can still lose if the class balance is off.

6. Finally, you're skill with your class will improve more while actually pvping instead of standing around guarding a node or passing a huttball around.