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Where are the twists ? What makes [the Agent] story unique from any other? Nothing about the quests has me sitting back in awe or in wonder or curiosity. Everything is predictable, dull, basic, lack of creativity. There is literally nothing that grabs my attention. It's your simple "go to x planet, [stop y terrorist]", rinse and repeat for literally 3-4 planets of quests back to back.

Everyone has different tastes. Many people talk up the Agent story but I think it is dull and unoriginal. There is nothing unique about the Agent story. It is just one recycled spy cliche after another with a generic Bond villain for the Chapter 1 boss. But I love the Consular story. It is the Jedi story. Sure, the Knight is a Jedi, but it is the Anakin aggressively negotiating from planet to planet story whereas the Consular has themes of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Consular story delves into morality and ethics, more than once forcing the player to choose between doing what is expedient, or what is easiest for the Republic, versus doing what is right. The consequences are minor, that is true, but that is true of every single class story. The honest truth is that, although the class stories are good, they have the depth of a puddle.

Like the other class stories, the three parts of the Consular story are connected, but out of all the class stories the Consular is the only one with such dramatic shifts. The Consular goes from being a healer in their first act, to being a diplomat in their second, to forming their own army and leading the charge into battle in defense of the Republic in their third act. Many people say that the Knight is the "canonical" Outlander as the Fallen Empire story is the, allegedly, direct continuation of the Knight's story, but to me the Consular is the only one that makes sense as the Alliance Commander.

I understand that the Consular story is not for everyone. Likewise, the Agent story is not for me even though it is widely considered to be the best of the class stories. You are going to find that some class stories will appeal to you more than others. Once you do it once for the legendary achievement, if that matters to you, then you can ignore it and never play the story again.

One minor thing I do want to nitpick. "It's your simple 'go to x planet, shield x jedi', rinse and repeat for literally 3-4 planets of quests back to back." This is true for all class stories in Chapter 1. They are all [repetitive] like this. Each planet is basically the same mission just with different scenery.
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