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Reflects and AOEs are fine If people use dcds and rotate them and if healing is on point. However if Multiple people reflect at same time those without reflect or strong dcd might die.
Any attack on the bosses in burn phase will cause reflect towards whole grp so sometimes if healing is low and if people are new its safer to not AOE or reflect and just single target boss by boss. If u reflect at start of phase if u spread dots and use strong dcds it will be fine cus Bosses will die FASTER due to more dmg done to them by reflects, but it also requires solid aoe heals, which should be granted you have given u are doing nim raid
I have seen people die on council burn cus they didn't use any dcd at start of burn and went all out on all bosses.
If you Push them carefully and they are lowish as they can be you are more then fine and they will die pretty fast.

I also sometimes ask people not to reflect or AOE but mostly on VM if raiders are new and if healer is new . Its just less of a hassle and u go from boss to boss for safe kill. Reflects and AOEs are something more experienced NIM raiders should be able to do without issue.

You can also easily kill bosses without any reflect or AOE or dot spread as well . Either of 2 ways work fine imo.
As a raid lead i opt for no reflects or aoes till one or 2 bosses are down if grps are new and they dont know their dcds or classes at higher level. Just makes kill safer at least imo .
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