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07.19.2021 , 05:24 AM | #1
Came back after a long hiatus. First thought was working on upgrading the gear on my characters. When I play MMOs, I have several alts, and they all take up at least one each of the crafting specialties, so I have everything covered. I use these to keep all my characters as up to date as possible on gear. When I left, I was able to craft Mods, Enhancements, Armoring and other incidentals ( i.e. hilts, barrels...) for ANY of my characters. Now I can only build them specifically for the character that has the crew skill, meaning that crew skills are class and specialty specific for ONLY the character you are running at the time. You can't build for the other classes and specialties, unless they use similar stats.
OR AM I MISSING something that doesn't attempt to force me into spending ungodly amounts on the Marketplace.
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