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Quote: Originally Posted by WerewolfX View Post
Hey there, Imp player here, was looking to join up for the good times.

Character name is Bundningo.
Great to have you with us! And looking forward to helping us grow our IMP side guild a bit more now yep.


Quote: Originally Posted by mlanderson View Post
Hello I am also interested in joining your Republic Guild.I run a SMuggler named Spike'revolver but I also have another Jedi I can add if need be.I typically play in the mornings to mid afternoons unless I have to go into work early.I always looking for more people to play and converse with to get my daily fill of Social interactions.Hopefully there is still room for me to join.Thanks
Hi there, so i still haven't seen you Online yet since you posted. I added your toon to 'friend list' in-game, but perhaps you've been playing only your JEDI toon? Feel free to contact me in-game with that toon name, if you're still looking/needing a guild.

UPDATE for anyone else reading/following this thread (and specifically my post #6 above ^^ ) ...

The situation was handled exceptionally well by BioWare. All stolen items were returned. And cyber-justice prevailed. That's all i'm gonna say.

regards, Nee
p.s. THANKS to those of you who contacted me in-game with your generous support and similar experiences.
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