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02.09.2022 , 11:21 PM | #13
Nadill Jedi Academy is recruiting Initiates!

We are an intentionally small guild, with a focus on each individual member. We offer enriching, immersive, lore-friendly Jedi roleplay for those interested in developing their character as a traditional Jedi within the realm of known Star Wars lore. This includes and is limited to members of the Jedi Order as we know them in SWTOR’s current time frame.

Our members are expected to take part in Master-Padawan roleplay, have opportunities to engage in lessons, events, and missions, and will track their character progression through a system that holds opportunities well after passing their Trials of Knighthood. While small, our guild is a fully functioning, flourishing community in which each member's input and experiences are honored and utilized.

Whether you're new to roleplay and eager to learn, or a seasoned veteran, if you're interested in a traditional Jedi experience then you have a place with us.

Please keep in mind that due to our size, it takes collective effort from everyone (attending scheduled RP events, pinging others for RP, etc) to effectively participate in our guild.

For more information, please DM me or visit our website.