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01.05.2022 , 11:43 AM | #49
you will lose all your used procedures mean for me our gameplay with this **** , i did a lot in operations mean got skills :-) with the 6.0 but with the 7.0 . NIM is not for everyone available....... so like i said THE COVEN OF THE NIM will be fine and the rest of the community could die in a corner why ??????? NIM PLAYERS are gods for bioware or what ???? they will count only on THE COVEN NIM PLAYERS and that's all........

And our gameplay is based on our skills and our stuff mean the atrributes of gears to ;-) our spells who do our cycles and a lot of all of this is seen as bad for bioware but before we had the same index and only OUR SKILLS did the difference NOW we are **** for THEM the BIGGEST PART of the community and THE COVEN OF THE NIM PLAYERS ARE THEIR GODS....................... Ane our stuff 306 ARE BETTER than 318 is umbelievable and THIS difference of index statut between subscribers is AWFUL and discremination