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There's a thread about Chiss names futher down, I'm curious to know what people who have followed Chiss convention have chosen for their names and why??

My IA Chiss is called: Thosc
Full name is: Jarlat'hos'clien

This name doesnt use any "official" Chiss family or occupation names I'm aware of in SW Lore (decent list found here). Of course I could please any puritans by claiming a full name of Brast'hos'cspalla to match that list.

Why? Well I always use names from a list of about 75 I have from my Neverwinter Nigths days. Each name has a character to me from it's creation and I try to match that name with the character I wish to portray.

Of course the D&D world doesn't have anything close to Chiss naming convention so I took my Dark Elf Warlock, Jarlath Hosclien, and transformed his name. Incidently Hosclien is the name of my WoW Holy Paladin.

If you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, here's some helpful resources:
Wookieepedia Entry
Understanding Chiss names

Hosc - Operative | Ro'lin - Mercenary | Syrafé - Assassin | Huroken - Juggernaut
Gilfro - Smuggler | Holand - Commando | Ashway - Sage | Llan - Sentinel