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I would love it if they didn't go all bisexual, but the amount of work involved going down a route where all (or the majority) of SGRAs are exclusively homosexual would preclude, IMHO, them from going the no bisexual route. I expect we will see a mix, with the majority being bisexual.

Also, I wasn't meaning to be insulting with the whining and the crying, because I don't hold myself above everyone else. I know I can whine and cry with the best of them, and I did when it was revealed a certain character in ME3 was not bisexual (while her male counterpart was).

Re: Exclusive romances.
This is more to do with realism than anything else. It's not realistic for every romancable character to be available and open to both genders. That is not how it works in reality. A bisexual person is not the same as a lesbian or a gay or even a straight person, and the Star Wars universe has never argued that everyone is bisexual (because we know for a fact that the vast majority of romantic relationships depicted in the Star Wars universe (both in main canon and EU) are male/female without reference to same sex relationships or even attractions).

Now, it is probably possible to write all the romantic storylines from the PCsexual view (Kira is straight for male JKs who flirt with her, and lesbian for female JKs who flirt with her, and non-sexual for male and female JKs who don't flirt with her), it is probably even possible to make this remotely realistic (especially with significantly different dialogue depending on which of those three options one takes with her). What it is not possible to do, however, is stop people being unable to comprehend that their play of SWTOR is different to someone else's. So some people just get stuck on the idea that Kira is straight and will find that their knowledge that she can be lesbian or non-sexual for other players breaks their own immersion. I personally think that's a very silly thing, however, that doesn't make it any less real for some people. (And I might add, it's even sillier in the face of the fact that we can significantly alter the physical appearance of our companions.)

(Another thing to note: PCsexual usually turns out to be the same dialogue with different pronouns, which is the main issue people have with PCsexual characters, why they say they're not realistic. This is the bad writing they were talking about at the guild summit.)


I have seen more than one person asking Bioware to make Samantha Traynor bisexual, because they want their dude!Shep to "bone" her (because she's both attractive and has a sexy British accent). So people DID care about it.

I'd also rather they didn't do non-romancable LGBT characters. Bioware has a HORRENDOUS track record when it comes to non-straight-non-LI NPCs. They generally come across as very camp and stereotype ridden. Now, if they could prove me wrong, I'd be over the moon. (Also, they have to be able to depict them in a realistic fashion. A stranger in the street is not going to introduce themselves like "Hi, I'm Zandilar, and I'm lesbian!")

And you're right, I am looking at it from a representation perspective. That is because I think representation is extremely important. I also look at it from a realism point of view - which I am aware might seem silly given that we're talking about a universe with laser swords and space magic... But in order to relate to the setting, the people in that setting still have to be human at a certain level. That means that they need to have traits that we can relate to - which brings us right back to representation.