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Do Sage or Sorcerer class character have any other lightsabre attacks besides just the original basic, non-energy consuming one that they have at the very beginning? If not, that seems to be rather a waste of building the weapon in the first place if you just have it for that one basic attack and that's it.
Facetiously: if you play Sorcerer/Warrior, you don't build the weapon. (You dig it out of an old tomb.)

Same if you play Sage/Inquisitor. (Zash gives it to you.)

But there is another that you acquire (if you choose it) way late in the levelling process. (In 6.X, it arrived at level 72, and in 7.0 it's somewhere similar.)

Don't forget that in the context of the original story for Sage, you might have been a Shadow instead, except that you were, in reality, just a Consular, and therefore might have *become* a Shadow.
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