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Except that, as you found, when you get to about that point, getting the next level becomes unreasonably expensive in materials because of the low schematic learning rate.

On the other hand, I found that it really didn't take all that long to get 306-weight stuff. Play things you like, gather gear from e.g. solo FPs, deconstruct the stuff that isn't an improvement, earn your 50K conquest for conquest crates, etc. and accumulate Tech Frags for the middle vendor in the second-to-last bay on the Fleet. That vendor sells random stuff that's always better than your average(1) - buy for the worst slot you have to increase your average.

(1) Well, until you reach 306, obviously.
I wanted to learn the 306 schematics just for the sake of learning them --- not only did that seem impractical but I spend more time juggling and sorting the 306 gear and set pieces to bother.

If credits are the primary goal - selling the mats is not only more efficient but more likely to actually sell. While I probably spent upwards of 200 million buying 306 pieces to speed up the climb to 306, I've spent far more rolling amplifiers in gear that's dropped for me since then. The market for crafted gear is effectively returning players that are subbed and have credits to spend so while you might see some nice looking pricetags the real question is how many times has that user had to post them since actually making them.

The mats on the other hand can go into a lot of other more useful things like stims or crafted tacticals or augs. If you do want to still craft something -- augments and augments kits (286 and mk11 respectively) are crafted items that are constantly in need.
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