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11.11.2019 , 05:06 AM | #20
Remove conquest material from any item that isn't conquest related and / or isn't an alternative method for obtaining an end-game 306 equivalent item.

Adjust mission returns so the ratio of greens matches that of crafting requirements, and such that they follow basic mission logic (the higher the skill, cost, time - the more materials, including greens).

Adjust crafting materials costs and or mission returns to bring total time required to craft an item closer to 6.0 levels (e,g, decrease materials required and / or increase mission returns).

Return mission success / failure rates to pre 6.0 levels (it appears an addition 5% or so has been added to all missions).

Massively increase RE chance - 5% is ridiculous and has the potential of leaving a significant number of players burning through hours of crafting without making any progress (effort should be rewarded - not dumb luck).

Display critical, success / failure, and time modifiers for crafting to players - including base information + companion bonuses + guild bonuses + amplifiers + legacy + etc.

Make all crafted items relevant - items such as basic gear and modifications should be craft-able (e.g. use basic gathering / mission materials) at close to 306 levels (in 6.0, early gear was 230, crafting was 228, so 304-ish).

Requiring the amount of materials (especially the inclusion of conquest materials) along with multiple iterations against an extremely low RE just for a chance to learn something well below what drops from easy mode Hammer Station makes no sense.