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A rare conquest mat, in quantities greater than any single character can earn in a week, should NEVER have been a requirement on (blue) training level crafts... and should be removed as a requirement across the board

Materials costs for Item modifications should be considerably LOWER than entire gear pieces, by a minimum of HALF

Crew Misisons return values should be tightened up... qualities should not be randomized, rich and wealthy missions should return a rough ratio of 1:2:6 ( or whatever the ratio is after reducing craft costs)

G11 craft requirements should be cut in half as a starting point.... I get that it was a real cute way to disguise how utterly draconian craft changes were behind bigger numbers, but there's no disguising the explosion of time and cost requirements.... I know when it takes 4 times as many materials runs to make the same number of crafts.

fix the bloody mats storage. Default Sort is [Category > Grade > Quality (eg artifact) > Type (eg Compound) > Alphabetical] Filters are Grade / Quality / search-match. Categories for craft skills for assembly parts, vendor mats go in gather skill category, and items that are also currency do NOT go in mats storage. if you can't do that, then just give u 5 old style storage bays and let us figure it out ourselves.

And it might help to remind the designers that outside of reusables and augments NOTHING crafted is even remotely max gear. There is no reason it should be harder to craft basic armor and mods than it is to earn much better gear through other content. Nor should it take the same amount of Rare Materials to make an augment which IS max gear, as an armor piece which isn't even halfway there.
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