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In my view the OPs suggestions do not go far enough. Grade 11 crafting should be brought in line with Grade 1 - 10 crafting. I do not understand why it was felt necessary to change that pattern in the first place - it can't have been to slow down gearing, some players were full 306 with a day or two of launch simply by chain running flashpoints.
  • Material nodes should give green materials only, blue and purple materials should come from missions. Missions, along with white materials (of which there should only be 1 for grade 11) are your credit and time sink.
  • Green items should require green and white materials only.
  • Blue items should add blue mission items to the list of requirements (no isotopes)
  • Purple items should add purple mission items to the list of requirements (no matrices)
  • Gold items are the only ones that should require exotic materials, including isotopes and matrices
  • The amounts of materials required should match previous grades.
  • Jawa junk costs should be reduced to match previous grades also, to offset this they should be removed from slicing nodes.
  • Training costs should be reduced considerably or dropped altogather - 1.5m per toon is a large barrier to entry.
  • RE chance should be increased to at least 20% if the previous value of 60% is deemed too high.
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