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Additionally, this is a purely subjective suggestion made solely on behalf of people like me who craft for pretty things rather than stats, so it's a comment on part of crafting rather than crafting as a whole, but...
  • Please add purely cosmetic items at grade 11 (two dyes and one new colour of crystal for artifice is all you gave us; new synthweaving and armormech outfits have stats, when you could also give us empty shell outfits, armstech could get empty weapon shells, artifice empty sabers, more dyes and crystals, mounts for cybertech, etc).
I agree with the basic idea here, although it's worth noting that Outfit Designer means that armour pieces *are* cosmetic, except that while OD ignores weight restrictions, it does obey class-lock and level-lock restrictions, meaning that lowbie characters can't use grade 11 statted gear in OD.
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