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07.25.2021 , 02:29 PM | #34
The primary objective of this petition is to get a new map for GSF and potentially a new mode
in any game this is always a plus, So large agree here

More GSF related Decorations
it wouldn't destroy the game for me, if this never happened

Currency conversions and spending
I don't actually make a lot of fleet comms, not sure how it would affect me, on the fence here

Legacy unlock for Cartel ships
Agreed to this, already have shy of 20 cartel ships, an unlock, just like armor and weapons would be nice

Co-pilot actor's voices not bound to specific abilities
oh, I do Agree to this, don't care to use companions that can't speak basic, but have to right now

Bugs fixed
who wouldn't agree to Bug fixes

Improve matchmaker.
okay , ahh, well . .hmmmm . . agree, but this isn't going to be fixed unless pop at least doubles, and if pop did double, current matchmaker would work. The population isn't actually low, have no problems getting matches, there is just not enough, to separate the skill levels., at least that's how I see it currently

as this being a petition, it's just a formal request, and I believe it is being used as a Verb, not as a Noun, I could be wrong about that, it is how I read it to be though, since it's not making ultimatums or demands, just requesting formally