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07.25.2021 , 12:28 AM | #33
I'd like to see more hooks connecting GSF and rest of the game. It'd be beneficial for immersion and for "advertising" GSF. Actual interactive in-game GSF hangar where you see your active row of ships "physically" present would be cool. It'd also help with cash shop side of things: As it is, you really don't have a suitable place for oggling your ships at peace. Ships don't exist anywhere besides matches and current hangar window. Through latter, your ships feel about as tangible or present as armor you don't own does when looked via some CM preview screen. Making ships and GSF feel more present through rest of the game would increase their "value" in eyes of players. Would also increase the value of cash shop ship customizations and such. ->People might actually start buying them.

Some amount of matchmakers&instances -based pvp games have no difficulty in managing storylines and narrative within a pvp setting. BW could pull off some nice slow progressing hard scifi space navy story which progresses a step each time you complete 4 weekly missions or something. In general, it is kinda funny how a game with 1000 hours of story has literally none of it going in pvp or gsf. GSF and Warzones should have their own, nifty semi-isolated story going similar to what flashpoints have.