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I am a CST player that plays at odd times (weekends being the exception). I am an early to bed early to rise guy so I often play, during the week, in the early morning hrs. Most may not see me during the week....would that be an issue?

I play on both SS and SF (been focusing more on SS though recently) and there are some things I would like to get accomplished with my SF toons. If I am gone for a short period to work on goals on another server, would that be an problem?

Figured I would ask up front and honest about my situation.
Sorry for the late reply. Good questions. We once took a straw poll and it seems as if 30% of the respondents were east coast. Everyone else was CST, MST, PST. On Thursday mornings we have a get together with "I work nights" & "the dog wakes me up early" folks. Typically I see at least 2 others on (Republic side) if I log in around 7:30am EST on the Republic side. That would be 6:30 am CST. Earlier than that, I am not sure.

There are several of us who have legacy's on more than one server. Depending upon the time of day, I will play SF for PVP or also working on getting fully to 306 gear so I will get my SF weekly personal conquest goal, etc.

We still have players with a character in the guild which have not played in years - every once in a while someone who has been gone will show up and start playing again. If someone has been gone years and we are getting near our character cap set by the game, we once went through and trimmed long term MIA player characters down to their main. Once a person shows back up, they can get their characters invited again.

It is up to you how much you want to interact with everyone. Most of our interaction comes through our Discord server and that has become quite the social community where you can get better acquainted with the other members - whether you say anything or not. We easily exceed our Guild Conquest goals for "large invasion" so there is no pressure for conquest.

You are welcome to join and if the experience falls short of your expectations, you can leave. "No harm - No Foul".

I also sent a eMail to your in game character with some additional comments.