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Hi Nickodemous & Croixxxx
Sorry for the late reply. I sent Croixxxx a direct message on this website & I sent Clandestu an in-game eMail.

This link is to our Recruiting flyer which also talks about how to get your characters into the guild.
Hello there Kurvah,

I just wanted to give you a shout and let you know that I had received your in-game message. Thank you for the response!! I am still in the process of considering joining a guild. I have not ruled it out but just taking my time with a decision.

I had a couple of questions:

I am a CST player that plays at odd times (weekends being the exception). I am an early to bed early to rise guy so I often play, during the week, in the early morning hrs. Most may not see me during the week....would that be an issue?

I play on both SS and SF (been focusing more on SS though recently) and there are some things I would like to get accomplished with my SF toons. If I am gone for a short period to work on goals on another server, would that be an problem?

Figured I would ask up front and honest about my situation.
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