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I did say it is the cream. You can't have this pie without cream. It's what makes it so delicious! But, you cannot focus only on making cream and have no pie. Hopefully this tasty comparison makes sense.
It does, except what you consider cream, many of consider the pie. SWtOR has a large portion of the playerbase playing for story and nothing but story. Well maybe space barbie too... So your pie is our cream. We repeat the story over and over again, but rarely if ever touch the rest. The rest is more like the Brussels sprouts we have to eat so we can eat our cream pie. Sure, you can force us to eat Brussels sprouts, but expect us to gag and complain the whole time.

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I thought the chapter format was excellent; it was the story I was disappointed with. I didn't like my original companions being removed, that they stuck me in carbonite for 5 years and started forcing companions on me that I really didn't want (and keep doing that). It's such a shame even now that it wasn't our love interests who rescued us from the carbonite prison.
I make/play a lot of alts who end up marrying their class LIs and have to take many of them through the whole of kotfe/kotet/iokath just to make sure they get their LIs back without issue. I'd like them to add an option to be able to to autocomplete the chapters I'd rather avoid once the story has been completed in full on at least one of my characters.
For some reason a lot of people (and I include the developers) can't separate the story from the format the story was delivered in. I loved the chapter format, but the majority of the story was lame. I'm not sad that it got truncated, because I hated the characters and the ridiculous retconning and the less time spent on it the better. However, I really miss having large, frequent story updates. I'd be over the moon if they could give us a quality story in big, regular chunks.
My name is Milind. I checked it again and can confirm you there is no bug with any companion in the game.