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Same here. I still feel sad when I think of the truncated KotFE/ET story and what could have been if we had 3x16 chapters. I do enjoy the story updates we currently get, but I wish they were more substantial and frequent.
I thought the chapter format was excellent; it was the story I was disappointed with. I didn't like my original companions being removed, that they stuck me in carbonite for 5 years and started forcing companions on me that I really didn't want (and keep doing that). It's such a shame even now that it wasn't our love interests who rescued us from the carbonite prison.
I make/play a lot of alts who end up marrying their class LIs and have to take many of them through the whole of kotfe/kotet/iokath just to make sure they get their LIs back without issue. I'd like them to add an option to be able to to autocomplete the chapters I'd rather avoid once the story has been completed in full on at least one of my characters.
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