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No clue how much it cost, had most of the mats already, so doubt it was much.

Well I made 5 more 300 armourings and ended up 8 on just one level 50 toons.

So how come I got some cheap mods that have, oh I forget but the amount of affection my toons get from gifts work, but not the crit crafting.
The answer is that no one knows if critical (blank) amps are working properly, because Bioware has never told us what the +10 means. Itís probably not whole percentage points, because then a full suit would give like +90% chance which anyway you slice it should be a near doubling of critical outcomes, far more than what people are seeing. So if itís working at all, itís a very small increase, in which case you would probably need to do tens of thousands of crafts to see a statistically significant difference. Bioware in its 6.0 crafting wisdom made certain to ensure it would be extraordinarily difficult to craft that much in any decent amount of time.
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