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The Immortal Emperor VALKORION sensing the great power that Eric Musco had over Kai Zykken decided to clone Eric Musco for evil purposes. Using the great Rakata Mother Machine on belsavis so he could achieve his goals. The Mother Machine on belsavis sought to stop VALKORION in his tracks by making 2 clones of Eric as babies this caused great disgust in VALKORION. Who just wanted a strong new body for his life force to enter into making him younger again... The Immortal Emperor not sensing the clones of Eric Musco being full of UNLIMITED POWER! When VALKORION says to ARCANN son come with me who had just killed his brother in rage of VALKORION disapproval. All the sudden ARCANN calls on the great force power to call Kai Zykken to his side to help him kill VALKORION. Taking the Immortal throne for him self. ARCANN aka Eric Musco goes back to belsavis. To use the Rakata Mother Machine to bring his fallen brother back to life. Since a record of his pattern is stored in the Rakata Mother Machine just my theory..