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  • Valkorion: who is this guy? What happened to that other Emperor? Arenít they both actually Jadus, whoís secretly Kephess, whoís actually a mutated clone of Kai Zykken created by Fez Burba for the Star Cabalís secret war against the Shroud? OK, so I actually havenít seen that theory, but ITíS ALL TRUE TELL EVERYONE BEFORE ITíS TOO LA----
So you're saying that Doctor Lokin at some point treated Qyzen Fess, perfected his Rakghoul Mutation serum, gave Cipher Nine that serum to inject Jadus (so he can transform at will) - and that Jadus was actually a clone of Kai Zykken? It all ties into the agent story perfectly, so, perfectly plausible

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If anyone jumped into Mass Effect 2 without playing Mass Effect 1 (such as I did), you can probably take a guess how BioWare will solve this problem in KOTFE.
That would certainly be the most sensible approach to the companions part on creation of a new level 60 character. It was done well in ME2.
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