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Respectfully, I disagree. He fundamentally believes that regs are better off as they are and does not care for, or consider, opposing points of view. Some probably fear our complaints will have an impact and are therefore arguing strenuously against reverting to the old system. I can understand their fears, but imo regs are demonstrably worse than they were before.

What irks me is when it is claimed that someone who dislikes the deserter debuff is automatically the person who abandons games as soon as they do not go favorably. That is absurd. I categorically refute that assertion. If that were the case my valor across all characters would be a LOT lower. I have a character with over 43k kills and only 200 or so wins. That is because she is republic, the overwhelming majority of her kills and warzones were at a time when republic and imperial queues were separated and, if anyone recalls, the republic had a very tough time obtaining wins. It is not just toward me that this accusation has been leveled.

I see just as many deserters now as ever before. What is more, I am getting even more backfills than ever before. I had three in a row the other night. Ludicrous.

My experience is that the queue system favors fast games over quality games. He may be right that the system is supposed to do as he claims, but it seems to be skewed heavily toward rapid queues, i.e. quantity over quality. It should be quality over quantity. When I played wow 14 years ago and BC was the first expansion, you could wait 10 or more minutes for a battleground. That did not bother me too much. I would be willing to wait that long for balanced, quality matches, honestly.

I almost don't have a stake in this fight because I seldom do regs anymore. I am trying (and failing) to learn the ranked craft. The games are more enjoyable (though a lot more toxic), and the queues happen frequently.
All you have to do is read any of its reply's, they are all troll-like answers. I guarantee that this person does not like the game the way it is, and I for one highly doubt that it is even active in the game. It just trolls around the forums all day trying to cause angst with other players.