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Itís really all about how you play and what class, bud. A lot of operativeís go for quick countermeasures because of the kiting/survival it offers and the 15 seconds it takes off your cd. I would try that and see how you like your mobility vs. stun capabilities. I donít use noxious knives enough to make that ability worth anything. Iím not sure about lethality, but for the other two classes that perk has no use for me. I like to stun, but sometimes when youíre getting tunneled or targeted constantly, itís great to use countermeasures due to the survival/mobility it gives you. Pair that with Evasive Imperative and your gonna be kiting a bunch. Debilitate is good in situational pvp. Itís great to get people off you, keep someone in place to hit your rotation, or stop those players targeting your healer. Besides all the haters, they actually kind of balanced the nastiness that was operatives by making them choose between different play styles. Just think about how you want to play operative and what your goals are gonna be for it.

Good luck! If youíre on Star forge you can hit me up. Name is in signature.
been told to go with slows over cc now by some people...TBH doesnt seem like OP slows do much...people still sprinting all over the place. Holotraverse or Flashbang?