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10.23.2021 , 09:41 PM | #1
Echoes of Oblivion is way too difficult than it needs to be. There are multiple opponents to defeat at once and when you do get defeated, you have to go back to the "Area Starting Point" and you have to go all the way back to where you were before. It would be so much easier and make more sense if we just got returned to where we were after we stepped off the elevator, not a floor up/down from where we were. We can't log off and log back in or we will end up at the Area Starting Point rather than where we were before we logged off and the opponents are back, so we have to re-defeat them all over again like the game is forcing us to keep playing and not have to do that all over again after we log off. It was hard enough getting to where we are and defeating all those enemies the last time, but to be forced to do it all over again?! Is it me or is it more difficult than some classes than other? I'm currently trying to finally finishing it as a Sith Marauder, but trying to win a fight feels near impossible.