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07.12.2020 , 11:30 PM | #9915
Speaks of toxic players. Vet HS (of course it's HS):

It was a lv75, me (lv75), and two low level players.

The lv75 rushed ahead before we even logged in the map. No greeting, not even dropping a "we run to the tunnel" in the chat. I logged in seeing chains of mobs followed the lv75, already almost to the resetting point.

I thought "oh ****" and ran to the tunnel before the mobs reset. One other player managed it too. But the other wasn't that lucky and died. Forgot if the lv75 waited for him to get to the droid boss or pulled and forced us to 3-man it. Anyway, the lv75 rushed again without waiting for anyone after the droid boss.

I was very unhappy at that point so I stayed with the other two players and thought "if you are so good, try solo it on your own".

The lv75 pulled mobs while the three of us was just about sneaking through the two guards in the corridor right after the droid boss. The sudden entering battle must have surprised one of the players tagging behind me and he triggered the mobs on both ends of the corridor. Now, if we were 3 lv75 players, we could pull it off. But we're not and I'm bad at surprises (took me 3 solid seconds to fully comprehend what had happened), so we died when it's down to two mobs left.

Oh the lv75 died too because she apparently can't deal with the mobs she pulled on her own.

We respawned. The lv75 dropped the first and only line before she dropped group.

"lol you are so bad".

Our little group was quiet before, but now I was pissed. I typed a series of ************** in the chat. The other two players also typed a series of ************** to release their frustration.

I pulled out my lv30 Khem and said "I bet Khem is better than that *****" and resume playing.

Turned out the three of us actually worked pretty good together when no one was being a toxic *****.

We finished the rest of the FP smoothly without anyone died or even dying.

I typed "**** that ***** who dropped we did good" after the reward window pop out because I still felt salty.

The other two agreed. We thanked each other and parted way.

Lesson of the story? Even low level companions are better than lv75 fully geared selfish, toxic players.