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07.05.2020 , 07:07 AM | #9914
Last night, a Dread Palace group finder PuG. It took nearly an hour to assemble the group, which consisted of my commando, two guildies (one of who was a vanguard tank), another commando and sage (both dps), and some other randoms.

Early on, there were already some signs of tension while the group was forming - the other commando and another sage dps apparently got into a fight in their whispers. I didn't catch the whole argument, of course, but I glimpsed a few misplaced messages. On the other hand, the tank I recruited didn't know a lick of Dread Palace and was undergeared, but since it was SM, we decided to roll anyway.

The first three bosses went down fine, with the sage and commando continuing to argue mid-fight, this time out in the ops chat about someone's mother. Then at Raptus, the chaos started. The tank failed the first challenge and didn't even go through the challenge portal (our shadow DwT was the one who Raptus chased around and who did most of the "tanking." Raptus proceeds to Force Execute one of our healers out of the arena, while simultaneously wiping the floor with both the tank and two other DPS. Fortunately, we were able to push through and down the boss before a wipe occurred.

Sage then proceeded to complain that nobody rezzed them while we were regrouping. Well, I tried, but ended up falling off the map myself while trying to get line of sight. It was at this point that the tank dropped group without another word and went to do something on fleet. Simultaneously, the sage then starts complaining about not having had a chance to get the loot, to which someone else points out that they can just go back in the portal to get it. After a while of clearing trash to the Dread Council, we get a guardian tank who we finish the op with. Of course, somebody complains about the low frequency of ops-exclusive set bonuses at the end... a position that I could actually agree with, for once.