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04.12.2021 , 08:50 AM | #11
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Ever sens day one pvp been broken. They try nerf some classes but when they do they nerf all so realy none is nerft. How can they miss thet? Now pvp is stun stun and more stun. I think they dont know or how to fix it atm.
Which "classes" have they nerfed exactly?

They nerfed death knell into the ground which was an assassin nerf.
They stopped you from changing tacticals mid-fight which was almost completely an assassin nerf.
They nerfed damage on guard which was almost completely an assassin nerf since dps PT and Jugg usually NEED the guard, PTs still do insane damage with it and most juggs play immortal if they are smart.
They even "fixed" deflection graphics so you could see what other buffs are on the class more clearly (I never even knew this was a problem).

And this was after assassins got the most useless new ability in the history of this game.

I see only one class getting nerfed into the ground here.