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Hmm don't think their comments are mutually exclusive. The interview states 'We want to get this launch under our belt and everything stabilized and happy.' which I take to be the same as the comment here. Finger in the wind estimate on any realistic turn around on a Mac client would be 6 months to get it to a PTS stage, full year for a deployment, if they started soon. Maybe that's pessimistic?

In the short to medium term the best is hoping that an avid fan takes it upon himself to find a good Wine work around.
That's my point in all of this - by releasing it later (especially a year later) you can no longer bank off of the hype, buzz and marketing of an initial launch. You now have to re-market specifically to Mac players, making the recoup even steeper.

From the beginning, I never understood why it wasn't a cross-platform choice. I've been advocating for this since the day the forums went live on October 21, 2008... but the decision made back in 2006 or whenever didn't take into account the growth that would happen to the Mac market and the Apple brand in general.
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