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1 you seem to forget the notion of quality first of all. some thing are prettier than others. those things will be more sought after. but is seems redundant to unravel such a simple principle of economy (scarcity) as we've even 'invented poo brownies' to further our points...

2 What has been described above as boring content is considered by most gamers in terms of 'hardest' or 'easiest'
Having objects that are available only by beating the game at its top is what gaming has been about for a long time.

3 This HAS NEVER BEEN ONLY FOR GEAR, some of the rarest and sought after mounts and cosmetics in WoW were available via Raids.
Quality is irrelevant. The point is that I can buy ANY commodity with money. The only variable is how efficiently I earn the money required to buy a particular item.

From a developer perspective, having people playing my game would be the only objective, whether they are constantly chasing the moving end-game goalposts or repetitively grinding other content. As long as they are paying and playing, there's no reason to prohibit them from eventually being able to purchase in-game items to further their own goals.

NOTHING in the real world prevents me from buying a Ferrari except whether I have enough cash on hand to do it. No one cares where the cash comes from. If I go to buy a Ferrari, they don't refuse to sell it to me because I made my money in a long, tedious way rather than by doing some activity that they arbitrarily demand.
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