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12.17.2011 , 04:38 PM | #1
Early access and guild assignment to certain servers.

Our guild was assigned to the Tomb of Freedom Nadd.
This is one server of I think 3-4 that have a 2+ hour que.
We have been in discussion on whether or not to stay on this server or start over (thereby wasting the head start we got from our collectors editions). We decided to not start over and hope for a server split. We would even pay for a transfer as a guild if that option were available.

The problem is SPAIN has claimed this server. And when the game goes live for official launch it means all of the Spanish players that have decided to play on this server will of course want to play with their friends.

We also have our guildmates who were assigned to this server.

Is there ANYWAY possible to split this server or to make a Spanish server so that our Spanish friends can have a nice community as well? I understand they want to play together, that is fine. But! By doing so it is ruining the experience of EVERYONE else. I did not ask to be on this server, I was assigned by the guild prelaunch. I am running out of movies and things to do as I wait to play the game I love.

Please consider my suggestions?