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Dear everyone,

I am the OP of this thread. I recently decided to revisit this charming little game to see how the story had progressed.

I regret to inform you all that after five and a half long years, Vector - quite unlike cheese, wine and whiskey - has not improved with age. As I finished the romance and thus far he has had exactly nothing further to say on the topic, I took a walk down memory lane via YouTube and can only reconfirm that his flirtation dialogue and the agent's responses drop woodenly into conversations previously exclusive to the extermination aisle of your local hardware store. The only cheer his presence has caused me is amusement at his standing idly behind me as as I flirt shamelessly with both Lana and Theron; I assume because communing with the hivemind is more important than reading the NUMEROUS. SIGNS. of an actively disinterested girlfriend or wife or whatever it is I ended up being. I am looking forward to his eventual departure, hopefully via the X-70B Phantom airlock.

Given the nature of my OP I am somewhat perturbed by how this thread morphed into a shrine dedicated to the very object of my displeasure. I can only say that clouds of formic acid generally do not feature in my idea of a desirable relationship and arguably they should probably not feature collectively in yours.

If my agent could have traded Vector out for Saganu on Hoth I think her life would have improved immeasurably. Alas, Theron will have to do.

Edit: Although actually, Theron's not that great so far either - playing on the Empire side, I've had barely any opportunities to flirt with him and then suddenly my agent is like "HO HO LIKE ME SO MUCH YOU'RE SENDING ME AWAY RIGHT" and he is like "THAT IS ABSOLUTELY THE CASE, WOMAN I BARELY KNOW." I assume it flows better when you're on the Republic side.
And you are the object of many individuals displeasure, Ms. One-Friend.