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A bunch of players, mostly ranked players, consistently complained about people leaving war zones early. The suspicion was that it was part of wintrading. So the devs decided to throw the baby out with the bath water and bring the hammer down on ANYONE who leaves a war zone early for ANY reason. And they looked upon their work and called it good.

Don’t get me wrong. Being in an arena and watching half your team decide to nope out on the queue for one reason or another really sucks. But there are so many other options for preventing this that don’t involve bending players over a metaphorical table and making them squeal like a pig for twenty minutes.
A lock out in ranked makes sense, but not in regs where there is no ELO that people can manipulate to increase their ranking to get end of season rewards. You get nothing for reg pvp as it is. But you are locked out if you DC or leave because you don’t like a map or you have a team who doesn’t play to win. Which is a completely different situation to ranked.