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Hi there, did you post this in the wrong place?

I ask because it sounds like a PVP only post when you use the term 'anything'.

Firstly, while an operative is cool and whatnot, a deception sin can phantom stride > kill > stride > kill repeatedly moving far quicker about the place than an operative, who is stuck waiting for their abilities to cooldown (The deception sin gets a discharge after each stride).

Secondly, if you're doing some EV farming you'll hit about 35k with a lethailty op while a Hatred will go up to 42k in similar gear.

I don't dispute Operatives are very strong in many places, however since Darkness exists for Sins and Medicine for Operatives they both have outstanding functionality and really, you're just making a PVP comment for the most part, to which I would agree I do favour my Op more than my Sin in PVP these days.
1. Cooldowns on operative abilities are not that long, and they don’t rely on an ability that could bug out and launch you into outer space. Furthermore, you already conjectured that the op was talking about PvP, so I fail to see the purpose behind your “stride > kill > stride > kill” comment. That damn sure does not happen that way consistently in PvP.

2. Why do you need to worry about dps while EV farming? All the adds does quick to your whole group. You could run in naked and still get through it. I also noticed you specifically mentioned Lethality Op and left out Concealment. The numbers look a lot different then.

3. As was mentioned, pretty sure the initial point was about dps, in which case both Lethality and Concealment Op outclass Hatred Sin in a lot of ways.