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Breaking Point
(WARNING: this story contains spoilers relating to in-game events for the original TOR chapters)

*This story plays out much like a Flashpoint or a planet story arc using updating information and progressing communications before its conclusion*

-Decryption complete
From: Vaiken Spacedock
To: the office of Minister Davidge

"Greetings from Sith Intelligence Minister Davidge. I trust you are aware of some information from our most recent collaboration with the Dark Council. This information comes to you now with equal importance, and urgency. You may share this with as many Imperial champions as necessary, provided they can help bring this matter to a close.

Two months ago, a break-in to an old storage container flotilla on Bespin recorded a security holo of a Sith force user. Our holonet intelligence later confirmed this thief was none other than our own former inquisitor Darila of the Sith Academy.
Darila was an alchemist and respected librarian at the Sith Academy on Korriban for years, until she betrayed the Empire when she and her followers joined with the false emperor Malgus. When he rallied his people to his cause over Ilum, she and her most trusted students answered. However, moments prior to the battle against Malgus and his forces, Darila fled into deep space. No one knows why or where she could have gone. Some surviving witnesses believe it was cowardice or fear that made her run. She fled with her officers in two Imperial shuttles and has not been seen since, until her raid at Bespin.

Now, 12 hours ago, her loyal assistant and second in command was found and captured in one of the stolen Imperial shuttles over Nar Shaddaa. It was unfortunate for him that our guards were in the vicinity at that exact moment or his presence would have likely gone undetected.
This assistant is not a force-user, but has been trained by Darila in some resistance techniques to force interrogation. Once he was broken, he gave up some intel about his mission, and about inquisitor Darila.
According to this new information, Darila did not flee the battle of Ilum in shame. She had been given a vision through the force and foresaw Malgus the Betrayers defeat. She fled to pursue her own twisted ideals in search of self-preservation. She apparently tracked a series of old Mandalorian clans to find an old storage unit on a Bespin cargo flotilla filled with old forgotten trophies and broken tech gear. What cargo was taken is unknown.
Apparently her assistant was risking travel through Hutt space in their stolen shuttle to go to Nar Shaddaa and find an Engineer named Meekis and employ his services.

I want you to find this Engineer on Nar Shaddaa and discover what uses he could possibly have that are so important to Darila that she risks coming out of hiding to recruit him. Report back to me immediately while this window of opportunity remains open. Our intelligence teams here will finish impounding their shuttle and slicing it for more information.
End transmission."