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11.17.2020 , 01:10 PM | #1

From what I've seen, White Damage is now equalizing??? Only active skill ability damage actually matters over the course of the fight.

#1) If you disagree, please give race and skill, and how your percentages are (close to) the same.

and importantly....

#2) If you have seen a dramatic loss in dps due to a decrease in white damage, please list the class, the skill, other shills class and white damage, and what percentages from both characters you can to back your claim up.

Ya'll don't have to show some granite/solid stone evidence, It's just that I've heard anecdotally a lot about white damage being flattened to make every class "even from here on out." This could be great! ...But lets just make sure that this leads to similar outcome, by alternate skill, scheme, and execution in different ways.

Give me the info and I know it will be heard

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