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Weird people? I think this one ‘takes the cake’…

A while back I got into a fun chat conversation with a couple players on fleet and it was suggested we join up for some vet FP runs. While one of the players was messing with their gear first, the other started commenting on my toon’s looks - yes, I am one of a zillion guys who play female toons. At first it was innocuous enough and I responded with a “ty”, but it started getting more weird.

He says he likes my outfit, but she could look a lot cooler in something different, and what soon became to mean something more skimpy. I respond by politely noting no, it’s not this toon’s style.

He ignores this and sends a link to one of the dancer outfits to preview and asks if I have this, and if not, I can buy from the security key vendor. I say “no thanks” while thinking I should quit group. He comes back over the top and says it would be cool to get that and put on for the run.

I reply “umm, no”, quit group, and ignore perv legacy.
I'm actually a girl and if a guy would have suggested that, I would have put him on ignore too - thank the force for legacy ignore.

I had quite a few flashpoints, most were pretty normaly, some good, but run was strange.
It was a Hammer Station and two player did quit right in the first big group. Nothing negative were happening, they aggroed the group and instead of fighting, they did quit. I was group leader, found two replacements (after the other character and I died of course, because those two clowns had to quit mid fight instead of after or before), before they could load in, the last of the original player did quit - they probably hadn't seen, that replacement was on the way. I found a third player and off we did go. It went pretty normal after that.
I really don't know, why those people did quit.
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