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You tell 'em, Moose
Eh heh heh... I hope that didn't come off as mean. It just bothers me when people make all these claims that they can't back up and call BioWare's people liars while they're at it. It bothers me enough that I have to avoid most of the forums so I don't spend all day making posts like that. I'd eventually lose my temper and get myself in trouble, and I don't want to do that.

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Now to get back on track, new thread again? Sheesh, we've gone through at least five now, haven't we? Oo I'm glad this topic is still being discussed after all this time though. I really am looking forward to future SGR content, with male and female companions, and of course like many I have a few in my sights already *cough*Quinn and Risha*cough* but oh well!
I think this is the sixth thread, yes. This is the longest thread I've ever been part of. And yeah, we can't have a SGR thread without everybody's wish list, can we? Mine remains: Kira, Mako, Nadia, and Ashara, though I wouldn't be against any female companion being available for SGRs. I'm not really interested in romancing male companions, but I'm not against any of them being available for SGRs either.

Though if my Smuggler wasn't already committed to Akaavi, I'd be asking for Corso to be SGR-able, because it would be oddly fitting. And Lt. Pierce seems like he'd be an awesome romance option for anyone, I love his attitude.

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I do hope we get a real update on this after the new patch though.
If the rumors about patch 1.4 having a lot of companion content are true, I'm sure we will. BioWare didn't talk about 1.3 until 1.2 was done, so hopefully 1.3 will be out by the month's end, and we'll get some news. Fingers crossed and all that.